Margaret A. Boden, OBE ScD FBA MAE FRSA
DSc(Hon. Sussex) DSc(Hon. Bristol) DUniv(Hon. Open U.)

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Born: London, Nov. 26th l936. (Two children, four grandchildren.)
1958 B.A. (Cambridge) Natural Sciences for Medicine -- 1st Class Hons.
[1963 -- Converted to M.A., Cambridge]
1959 Part II Moral Sciences Tripos (Cambridge) -- 1st Class Hons.
1968 Ph.D. (Harvard) Social Psychology (specialism: Cognitive Studies).
1990 Sc.D (Cambridge.) [Fac. Biology B]
Honorary Degrees
2001 DSc.Hon. (University of Sussex)
2002 DSc.Hon. (University of Bristol)
2004 DUniv.Hon. (Open University)
Major Scholar, Newnham College, Cambridge (1955-58)
Sarah Smithson Scholar, Newnham College, Cambridge (1958-59)
Harkness Fellow (1962-64), Harvard Graduate School.
Public and Elected Honours
OBE "for services to cognitive science" (New Year's Honours list, 2002)
Leslie McMichael Premium of Institute of Electronic and Radio Engineers
1978 (for "outstanding paper on Management Techniques in IERE Journal").
Fellow of British Academy (1983--) (Vice-President, 1989-91.)
Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (1992--)
Fellow of AAAI (1993--) (American Assoc. for Artificial Intelligence)
Member of Academia Europaea (1993--)
Life Fellow of AISB (1997--). (AI & Simulation of Behaviour)
Fellow of ECCAI (1999--) (European Coordinating Committee for AI)
Covey Prize, IACAP 2013 (Int. Assoc. for Computing and Philosophy).
Gold Medal, University of Sussex 50th Anniversary, 2012/13 (1 of 8)
Lifetime Achievement Award (International Society for Artificial Life, 2016)
Named Lectures
Royal Institution "Friday Discourses":
(a) "Creativity and Computers" (1990)
(b) "Is Artificial Life Possible?" (2002)
Templeton Lecturer 1994, University of Sydney.
(CHAST: Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology)
Dacre Lecturer, 1995: Peterhouse, Cambridge.
Science Prestige Lecturer, 1997: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Hagerstrom Lecturer, 1999: University of Uppsala, Sweden.
Royal Institute of Philosophy Millennial Lecture, 2000
Gramlich Lecturer, 2002: Dartmouth College, USA.
Pufendorf Lecturer, 2003: University of Lund, Sweden.
Fifth Turing Memorial Lecturer, 2009: Bletchley Park
Symbolic Systems Distinguished Speaker, 2009: Stanford University
Nobel Dialogue speaker, 2015: Gothenburg.
Distinguished Lecturer, University of Birmingham (2016).
Other Key Lectures:
Many keynote speeches to international conferences of artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, creativity, and computer art.
Various ‘stand-alone’ public lectures, in UK and abroad, on those areas.
Invited speaker at scientific and literary festivals in the UK. E.g. Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival, Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival, Hay-on-Wye Festival of Science and Music, Sunday Times Literary Festival, Times/Sunday Times Cheltenham Science Festival, Brighton Science Festival, and Folkestone Book Festival.
Also, various media-appearances in UK and abroad. E.g. on BBC’s "The Life Scientific", "ArtsNight", "In Our Time", and "Start the Week".
And, invited speaker at scientific/artistic festivals in Germany and other European countries.
1959-65 Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Birmingham.
1965-80 Lecturer/Reader in Philosophy and Psychology, University of Sussex
1980-97 Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, University of Sussex.
1997 on Research Professor of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex.
  (see here)
About 250 papers in professional journals, edited collections, and public media. Plus the following books:

Purposive Explanation in Psychology. Harvard University Press, 1972.
Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man. Harvester/Basic Books, 1977.
2nd edition (expanded), MIT Press/Basic Books, 1987.
Piaget. Fontana Modern Masters, 1979.
2nd edn (expanded), 1995.
Computer Models of Mind: Computational Approaches in Theoretical Psychology. Cambridge University Press, 1988.
The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms. Weidenfeld & Nicolson/Basic
Books, 1990/91.
2nd edn. (revised & expanded), Routledge, 2004.
Mind as Machine: A History of Cognitive Science, 2 vols.
Oxford University Press/Clarendon  Press,  2006.
AI, Its Nature and Future Oxford University Press (2016).
Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction Oxford University Press (probably Spring 2016). The paperback version of AI, Its Nature and Future.

Collections of my papers:
Minds and Mechanisms: Philosophical Psychology and Computational Models.
Harvester Press/Cornell University Press, 1981.
Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: Interdisciplinary Essays. MIT Press, 1989.
Creativity and Art: Three Roads to Surprise. Oxford University Press, 2010.
M. A. Boden and E. A. Edmonds, From Fingers to Digits: Towards a New Aesthetic. MIT Press/Leonardo. forthcoming.

Edited books:
Benefits and Risks of Knowledge-Based Systems. (Report of a Council for   Science and Society working-party, chaired by M. A. Boden.) Oxford University Press, 1989.
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, ed. M. A. Boden. (Series: Oxford Readings in Philosophy.) Oxford University Press, 1990.
Dimensions of Creativity, ed. M. A. Boden. MIT Press, 1994.
Artificial Intelligence and the Mind: New Breakthroughs or Dead Ends?, eds. M. A. Boden, A. Bundy & R. M. Needham.  Special Number of Phil. Trans. Royal Society (A), January 1995. Oxford University Press, 1995.
The Philosophy of Artificial Life, ed. M. A. Boden. (Series: Oxford Readings in Philosophy.) Oxford University Press, 1996.
Artificial Intelligence, ed. M. A. Boden. (Vol. 14 of 2nd edn., Handbook of Perception and Cognition.) Academic Press, 1996.
The Evolution of Cultural Entities, eds. M. W. Wheeler, J. Ziman, & M. A. Boden.
Oxford University Press, 2002.
Other Publishing Activities
Co-founder of Harvester Press Ltd.
General Editor of Harvester Studies in Philosophy, and Harvester Studies in Cognitive Science--including A. Sloman’s The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978), and D. R. Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (1979).
Offices on Public & Professional Committees
Member of Advisory Board of All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI (2017–)
Member of Royal Society Science and Policy Working Group on “Machine Learning” (2015–). (website)
Member, Scientific Advisory Board for CSER: Centre for the Study of Existential Risk,  University of Cambridge (2012-). (website)
Member, Scientific Advisory Board for Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge. (2016–)
Member of the Advisory Board for Research Councils (ABRC): 1989 & 1990.
Member of Home Office "Animal Procedures" Committee, 1994-98.
Vice-President/Chairman of Council, Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1993-95.
Trustee, Council for Science and Society 1990--95 (and chair of a CSS working party 1988-89).
Member of Oxford University's Professorial Distinction Awards Review Committee (1991) and Distinctions Committee (1995-98).
Chairman of British Academy's Philosophy Section 1999-2002.
At University of Sussex: Dean of School of Social Sciences (1985-87), Founding-Dean of School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences (1987-88), Member of University Planning Committee (1986-88), Chairman, Philosophy Subject Group (1990-96).
Also, on many external professional editorial boards/committees (fields: philosophy, psychology, and AI).